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Artificial Hanging Plant Green Goddess

Artificial Hanging Plant Green Goddess

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Bring a touch of vibrant greenery to your living space with Artificial Hanging Plant Green Goddess. Measuring 114cm in total length, including a 44cm cord, this stunning artificial hanging planter features a length of 70cm from the top of the ball to where it ends, with a width of 40cm at its widest part. Bursting with exuberant growth, this gorgeous botanical is a mass of leaves, shoots, and aerial roots that adds a lush and verdant touch to any indoor or outdoor area. Perfect for those who love greenery without the maintenance, Artificial Hanging Plant Green Goddess is a stunning addition to any home decor.

Product Details

  • Artificial hanging Plant
  • A replica of the fresh look of real plants
  • No need for regular care, watering, or sunlight
  • Dimensions:
  • 70cm from top of ball
  • Cord: 44cm
  • Material: Made of high quality plastic material, non-toxic and durable for long time use.
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Faux Trees And Plants FAQ

How can artificial plants enhance the look of my home?

Artificial trees, plants and flowers provide a simple and fuss-free way to breathe new life into your rooms. With no need for sunlight, they offer flexibility in styling throughout your home.

Can I use Faux plants alongside real ones?

Absolutely! Mixing natural and faux plants can create a dynamic and low-maintenance green space. Be mindful of the care requirements of each to ensure they thrive together.

Where can I place Faux Topiary Balls?

For instance, artificial topiary balls make perfect table centerpieces, maintaining their vibrant appearance indefinitely. Whether adorning your home office desk, kitchen counter, or serving as eye-catching additions in the living or dining room, these long-lasting faux plants effortlessly elevate your space.

Can artificial plants be placed in sunlight?

While most artificial trees can tolerate some sunlight, exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading over time. Placing them in areas with indirect sunlight to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Ways to Use Faux Botanicals?

Additionally, they serve as ideal seasonal décor, with warm autumn hues, festive winter greenery, and lush spring and summer blooms to suit every season.